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Lake Worth Foodie Events: Food Truck Invasion

If you’re into great food, then Lake Worth has a lot to offer. In addition to having many great restaurants, the town also has some fantastic food trucks. At the Food Truck Invasion, you can experience one of the Lake Worth foodie events that can make your tatsebuds dance. Learn all about the event.

The Food Truck Invasion

Every second Monday of the month, you can head to the Cultural Plaza at 414 Lake Avenue. There, you will find the Food Truck Invasion. The event is a traveling event that takes place throughout Florida.

One of the reasons that this event is so special is the volume of food trucks. This is one of the Lake Worth foodie events that allows you to try a variety of different foods. Some of the unique offerings at the Food Truck Invasion include the Original Greek, BC Tacos, and Killer Melts. You can find one truck that you love and try all of its offerings. Or, choose a bit of everything and sample a dish from several food trucks.

If you’re more int

erested in dessert, you still have quite the selection. Whether you want doughnuts, cookies, or ice cream, there’s something for you.

Enjoying Lake Worth Foodie Events

If you want to check out the Food Truck Invasion, then you should consider staying at the Eamon James Suites. The ideal location makes it easy to get to the event. Afterwards, you can relax in comfort. Contact us to book your stay and find out what we have to offer.



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