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Tips for Kayaking in Lake Worth

When you stay at a hotel in Lake Worth, you get an opportunity to explore an incredible area. One of the many fun adventures that allow you to explore the area is kayaking. Before you head out on the water, check out these tips for kayaking in Lake Worth.

1. Know How to Paddle

Although many people believe that they know how to paddle, this isn’t the case. Most newcomers hold the paddle incorrectly. Be open to taking a lesson before you hit the water. If you rent a kayak from a local business, ask them for advice on holding the paddle correctly.

2. Wear Your Life Jacket

As tempted as you might be to use your life jacket as a seat cushion, avoid the urge. Your life jacket is a necessary piece of equipment for your kayaking trip. Even experienced kayakers can fall into the water, and even experienced kayakers rely on their life jackets for safety. Wear yours and protect yourself.

3. Bring a Change of Clothes

When you go kayaking, you will get wet. As you paddle, some water is bound to find its way into your vessel. Wear a bathing suit or have a change of clothes ready for you. Then, you don’t need to worry about walking around wet all day.

Other Adventures Besides Kayaking in Lake Worth

If you plan on doing kayaking in Lake Worth or plan on doing any other adventures, contact us at the Eamon James Suites. We can help you enjoy your stay in the area with a lux

urious room close to all of the attractions.

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