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New restaurants Near Lake Worth

There are always new developments in Lake Worth. Over the years, the dining options have expanded. Find out which new restaurants near Lake Worth you should know about.

1. Pipeline Poke

This restaurant brings an interesting concept to Lake Worth. In the western US, Poke restaurants are quite popular. The concept is originally Hawaiian. Generally, poke refers to a bowl with raw fish and fresh vegetables.

After the fish and vegetables go into the bowl, a chef usually tosses in some type of sauce. For example, you might get tuna with edamame, carrots, and soy sauce. Pipeline Poke is one of the new restaurants near Lake Worth to change things up. It brings poke to the east coast, and it delivers.

2. Mazie’s

This upscale yet casual Palm Beach restaurant serves up some amazing food. The eatery boasts over 2600 square feet of space and a menu that pleases the tastebuds. Many of the dishes put a twist on something common, like the Moroccon Lamb Knish.

3. Grandview Public Market

As the first food hall in West Palm Beach County, this market is an interesting take on dining. The market features several restaurants with one communal dining area. There is Korean, Mexican, and several other cultural cuisines represented in the market. If you and your partner can’t decide on a restaurant for dinner, then the market is a great option.

Checking Out the New Restaurants Near Lake Worth

If you want to check out some of the new restaurants near Lake Worth, then contact us at the Eamon James Suites. We can provide you with a luxurious room for your Lake Worth vacation.

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