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Where to Go Scuba Diving in Lake Worth

There are many great places to go scuba diving in Lake Worth. However, one of those locations stands out above the rest. Blue Heron Bridge is a renowned dive site that brings divers from all over the world.

Blue Heron Bridge and Scuba Diving in Lake Worth

Also known as Phil Foster Park, Blue Heron Bridge is a popular dive site. Those who dive there understand why it’s so popular. In 2013, PADI’s Sport Diver magazine chose the site as the best dive sire in the world. With a large diversity of marine life and easy accessibility, the site is an obvious choice for divers.

At Blue Heron Bridge, there are many different marine species. Some of those species are rare and unusual, like pipefish and seashorses. If you’re lucky, you might see the mimic octopus at work. Other notable creatures include batfish, frogfish, and sea robins. When you dive at Blue Heron Bridge, you expose yourself to some of the most incredible organisms in the ocean.

One of the best things about this dive site is the ability to see something new every time you dive. When you dive here, you will need to use your fish identification book. It’s likely that you will come across something new every time you dive in the area.

Going Scuba Diving in Lake Worth

If you want a chance to dive at Blue Heron Bridge, then you should book a hotel in Lake Worth. Staying in the area gives you easy access to the dive site. Fortunately, scuba diving in Lake Worth is easy when you stay with us at the The Eamon James Suites. Contact us and book your room today.

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