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Events in Lake Worth: The  Star Spangled Band Showcase

The fourth of July is an eventful weekend in Lake Worth. If you’re looking for some fun musical entertainment that week, then head to the Cultural Plaza for the Star Spangled Band Showcase.

The Star Spangled Band Showcase

The Star Spangled Band Showcase is one of the events in Lake Worth that shows off local musical talent. During the event, a selection of bands will have an opportunity to play at the Cultural Plaza on 414 Lake Avenue.

On June 1st, the list of participating bands of the showcase will be announced. The bands will show their talent on Tuesday, July 3rd. At 5:00 pm. At 10:00 pm, the participants will start playing. The winning band will be announced.

The event has some high stakes for participating bands. When a band is announced as the winner, they will have the opportunity to perform at the July 4th concert. With many individuals in attendance, the concert is an incredible chance for the band to expose themselves.

Other Events in Lake Worth

You can attend the concert and become part of one of the exciting Lake Worth events. With so much culture to explore in Lake Worth, there are plenty of other options for fun. If you haven’t made a plan to explore the town, then contact us at the Eamon James Suites. We can help you plan your vacation and we provide you with a comfortable accommodation. Call us now and book your room.



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