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Lake Worth Events : Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge

This summer, one of the exciting Lake Worth events is the Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge. Find out everything that you need to know about participating in this event.

About The Fishing Challenge

One of the most exciting Lake Worth events is the Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge. Although the event began on May 25th, it runs through July 8th. The challenge was designed to help you collect information regarding the local fish population. Several key organizations joined together to put together the event.

During the duration of the fishing challenge, anglers the age five and up can help document fish species. Participants document the type and location of fish species with their smartphones. This data helps scientists in their research of the Lake Worth Lagoon ecosystem.

After photographing their catches, the anglers become eligible for various awards. In addition to winning an award, they can take comfort in knowing that their efforts helped scientists.

Lake Worth Fishing Events

In Lake Worth, the fishing is incredible. There are some amazing species that inhabit the water. If you enjoy fishing, then you should plan a trip to Lake Worth. Bring your pole and participate in the fishing challenge. Or, you can opt for some purely recreational fishing. There are plenty of great spots for you to try.

In either case, your trip to Lake Worth will be memorable. Here at the Eamon James, we can make your visit one that you remember for a lifetime. Contact us and book your stay with us today.

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