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Lake Worth Attractions: Snook Islands

After checking into your Lake Worth hotel, you deserve to explore some of the local attractions. The Snook Islands Natural Area is one of the Lake Worth attractions that can make your vacation a special one. Find out why you should check out the area.

Exploring the Snook Islands Natural Area

One of Palm Beach County’s big restoration projects is the Snook Islands Natural Area. The county put some serious work into the project, and it’s paid off. As part of the Lake Worth Lagoon, the area once was a dead zone. The water was so poor that no marine life could survive. However, things have changed.

Now, the Snook Islands is an area full of wildlife. Restoration efforts made the water a prime spot for marine life. In addition to finding manatees in the area, you can also find various bird species and many different marine animals.

If you want to see the marine life first-hand, you can get out on the water. There are nearby kayak launches. Because the islands surround the water, the water remains quite calm. When the water is clear, you can view oysters down below and schools of fish swimming across the water. If you stop paddling and look up, you can see beautiful birds flying across the sky. The wildlife is abundant.

Your Lake Worth Hotel

If you want to check out this one of the Lake Worth attractions, then let us be your Lake Worth hotel. Contact us at the Eamon James Suites and find out how we can help you.



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