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The Best Pizza in Lake Worth

No vacation is complete without a pizza night. Pizza is an easy meal that you can enjoy on the beach or in your Lake Worth hotel. Find out where you can find the best pizza in Lake Worth.

1. Mamma Mia’s Pizzeria

Mamma Mia’s is one of the more popular places for the best pizza in Lake Worth. The size of the pies and slices are impressive. If you eat there, you can expect to leave full. You can enjoy your pizza outside only a short distance from the beach.

2. Downtown Pizza

If you like New York Pizza, then you'll love Downtown Pizza. Located on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth, this pizza place has authentic New York Pizza. Enjoy your pizza on the street as you watch all the pedestrians walking by.

3. Lake Worth Pizza

Located on Dixie Highway, this pizza joint is another great place for New York pizza. In fact, you might feel as if you've been transported back to New York. There is limited seating, so you might need to get take out. Nevertheless, this restaurant is worth it.

Getting the Best Pizza in Lake Worth

One of the great things about Lake Worth is the food scene. There are some fantastic restaurants in the area. Whether you want coal-fired pizza or something from a New York pizzeria, there's a place for you.

To taste the many flavors of Lake Worth, contact us at the Eamon James Suites. We can help you make the most of your stay in the area.



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