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Palm Beach County Vacation Guide

Palm Beach County Vacation Guide

If you’re taking a Palm Beach County vacation, then it’s time you did some planning. The area is loaded with great restaurants, shopping, and attractions. Find out everything you should know about the area with our local travel guide.

Where to Go

One of the first things you should plan is your destinations. Palm Beach County is over 2,000 square miles. However, there are other counties, like Broward, that are close enough to explore. Picking only one or two locations can be daunting.

Deciding where to go hinges on what you want to do. If you want to do some shopping, then head near Palm Beach. But if you'd like to explore the ocean, then stay close to Lake Worth. Every town has its own merits.

What to Expect

On your Palm Beach County vacation, you can always expect one thing - great beaches. The area is home to some of Florida’s best beaches. Travel along the coastline and visit all of the local beaches. Or, pick one and call it home for awhile.

There are several other things you can expect. For example, you can expect to find some incredible eateries. Restaurants like Jove’ Kitchen and Bar serve up some amazing food. Almost every cuisine is represented in the area.

Where to Stay

If you’re planning a Palm Beach County vacation, then you need to choose a hotel. Here at the Eamon James Suites, we offer comfortable lodging in a convenient location. You can explore Lake Worth and all the surrounding areas with ease. Contact us and book your room today.



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