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Lake Worth Tourism: Lake Worth Considers Name Change

Lake Worth Tourism: Lake Worth Considers Name Change

There’s big news in Lake worth tourism, and the news will affect more than just tourists. After over a century of existence, Lake Worth could become Lake Worth Beach. Although it might seem like nothing major, the name change is a big deal.

Why Change the Name?

There are two main reasons for the name change. First, the city wants to have an effect on Lake Worth tourism. They believe that a name change could draw more tourists.

Secondly, the city aims to separate itself from unincorporated Lake Worth. Known as the more crime-prone area, unincorporated Lake Worth often gets lumped in with Lake Worth. By changing the name, the government hopes to show that the city is not the same.

In the city of Lake Worth, there are only two zip codes. However, the name “Lake Worth” is linked to seven different zip codes. The name change would provide some separation.

Lake Worth Tourism

Most of Lake Worth is very close to the beach. For that reason, it’s a prime tourist destination. But not everyone realizes that the city provides people with so much beach access. The name change would spread the word about one of the biggest draws of the area.

If the city wants the name change, they need to vote on it. In an early December voting session, officials voted for the motion. In March, another vote will occur.

No matter what happens, Lake Worth tourism is on the rise. If you want to see the city for yourself, contact us at the Eamon James Suites.



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