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Events in Lake Worth: Palm Beach Pride

Events in Lake Worth: Palm Beach Pride

Palm Beach Pride is one of the most popular festivals in South Florida. During the event, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the diversity and acceptance of the South Florida community. This year, the event will take place in Lake Worth, making it one of the more popular events in Lake Worth. Learn what you can expect from Palm Beach Pride.

What is Palm Beach Pride?

Palm Beach Pride will take place in Bryant Park on March 30 and March 31. Although the event has been going on for years, it is now much different than it was in years past. It has grown from a small gathering of LGBTQ individuals to an event that draws a diverse crowd from all over the country.

However, pride has remained the same in the sense that it still celebrates the LGBTQ lifestyle. At the event, there will be plenty of live musical entertainment. There will also be an assortment of vendors, as well as food and beverage options. You can try some of Lake Worth’s best dining options.

But pride is about more than entertainment about food. It’s about celebrating diversity and celebrating the contributions of the LGBTQ community members. At the event, everyone is safe from judgement. If you attend, you can experience freedom at its best.

One of the highlights is the Pride Beach Parade. However, the parade only takes place on Sunday March 31. It kicks off at 11am and makes its way through Lake Worth.

Visiting the Events in Lake Worth

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