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Explore West Palm Beach: CityPlace

Explore West Palm Beach: CityPlace If you want to explore West Palm Beach, you should visit CityPlace. The venue is known as a lifestyle center. In it, you can find upscale restaurants, shopping, and more. Learn what you can expect to see when you visit CityPlace. What Is It? The term “lifestyle center” can be confusing. But CityPlace is anything but confusing. It's a classy neighborhood of West Palm Beach. Although there are many apartments and condominiums in the area, there are also an abundance of boutiques and eateries. The neighborhood is located in downtown West Palm Beach on South Rosemary Avenue. One of its newest developments is the new cultural arts center. Developers took an old Macy's and turned it into a large creative space. Now, it is known as the Culture Lab. As part of the urban revival of the area, the development shows tourists and locals alike the rich culture of the area. There is always art on display that is a balance of sophisticated and creative, much like the city itself. That art comes in the form of painting, sound, and more. Even the exterior of the building features art. A vibrant display is available for all to see. If you're in Lake Worth or any other cities nearby, you should make the trip to view it. The Culture Lab is home to many events. However, you can also find other events and activities throughout CityPlace. As far as dining goes there is no shortage if options. For some Southern food, try Brother Jimmy’s Barbecue. You could get some great pizza from City Pizza. Or try a cuisine you've never tried before at one of the other restaurants. Explore West Palm Beach Are you ready to explore West Palm Beach? Contact us at the Eamon James Suites and stay only a short ride away from West Palm. Book your room today.



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