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World-Famous Chef Falls in Love with Lake Worth

World-Famous Chef Falls in Love with Lake Worth

If you don’t know who Andrea Jourdan is, you soon will. This fall, the international chef plans on opening a restaurant in Lake Worth. Learn more about the restaurant and why she picked Lake Worth as its home.

Chez Andrea

Andrea Jourdan grew up in Quebec, where her father was a pastry chef. She followed a similar path and became a chef. Throughout her career, she traveled around the world. In Paris, she worked as a chef. Then, she opened restaurants in Los Angeles. She’s written over 100 cookbooks and even has her own food store in Quebec.

But now, the chef has set her sights on Lake Worth. She explained to reporters that she “fell in love with the city.” And it’s not hard to understand why. The unique atmosphere of Lake Worth makes it a popular spot for thousands of tourists every year. Furthermore, it’s a popular foodie destination.

Over the years, there have been many great restaurants in Lake Worth. Some of them have withstood the test of time, while others have failed. But success and failure aside, all of those businesses have one thing in common - they enjoyed the foodie atmosphere of Lake Worth. Restaurants can try something new and take advantage of the quirky nature of the city.

Living in Lake Worth

Whether or not you’re a foodie, you should be sure to try Chez Andrea when it opens. You may just find another reason to fall in love with Lake Worth. Contact us at the Eamon James Apartments and learn more about living in Lake Worth!



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