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How Can the Eamon James Apartments and Suites Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?

Everyone has their own New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, most people struggle to keep them. Whatever your resolution may be, there’s a good chance the Eamon James Apartments and Suites can help you. Find out how.

Lose Weight

One of the most common resolutions is regarding weight loss. Believe it or not, the Eamon James can help with that. Because the building is so close to many great outdoor activities, living here makes it easy to stay fit and active. You can go for a walk or jog on the beach, try out a new outdoor sport, or swim in the outdoor pool.

Save Money

Another common resolution involves finances. Whether you want to save more money each month or be able to afford a vacation, Eamon James Apartments and Suites can help you save. All of our apartments are affordably priced and the rate includes utilities. When you don’t need to blow your budget on your accommodation, you can save money or spend it on fun activities.

Live Life Better

For some, the goal for the coming year is to live a fuller, better life. The Eamon James Apartments and Suites allows you to do this by putting you in the heart of an incredible city. Lake Worth has a lot to offer and is conveniently located near several other great cities.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of staying at the Eamon James Apartments and Suites, give us a call today. Learn more about how we want to help you keep your resolutions.


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