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News in Lake Worth: Solar Field to Power Over 250 Homes

News in Lake Worth: Solar Field to Power Over 250 Homes

It’s no secret that Lake Worth is an environmentally-focused place. With the construction of a large solar field, it’s apparent that the city is making more of an effort to preserve the environment. The solar field can create enough power to fuel over 250 homes. In doing so, it reduces carbon emissions by four million pounds.

According to estimates, the field could contribute to 15% of the city’s energy requirements. By partnering with the Southeastern National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University and the Department of Energy on their Ocean Current Generation, the city hopes to find even more ways to create and use renewable energy.

The original specs for the field were unveiled in February of 2017. The plans showed that five acres of a landfill would be turned into a large solar energy field. While saving the city money, the project will also help to preserve the local environment.

Lake Worth is leading the charge for renewable energy in Florida. Although there have been a few cities to invest in solar, Lake Worth was the first municipality to do so. Its solar field is only one of the many ways in which the local government and people are attempting to preserve the environment.

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